Dymethylpolysiloxane emulsions, efective and easy to use.


 DEMOULDING: The most used application of the silicone emulsions,  applicable to tyres, shoe soles, polyurethane, PVC, thermoconformated pieces and different resins.

 TEXTILE: As an auxiliary softener bath to lubricate and give shape to fabric.

POLISHING: It gives shine and good difussion.

 OFFSET PRINTING: It avoids tangles in the paper, and also gives shine and softness to the paper surface.


•Excellent demoulding properties

•It doesn’t leave residues in the moulds

•It doesn’t discolour the moulded pieces

•High resistance to surface abrasión and warter-repellency

•Stability against freezing

•Good storage stability

 Available in concentrations of 35 and 50 % in weight.